What is flow to me?

Last November, I went to Tel Aviv for about 12 days. My friend had just finished the army and we were off to Karaoke to celebrate. This was in the “silicon valley” district of Tel Aviv.

There was a big building with a screen along the side. This was an advertisement for the bank’s new digital banking feature. Below is the clip.


At this moment, I became compelled to figure out what was so satisfying about this clip. The graphics seem to be reacting perfectly to every movement by the person. Was it the person’s full control that made this so satisfying? Was it purely aesthetic?

Perhaps, I see motion of human form to be interesting and beautiful (my favorite subject to draw is dancers) and it was this technology that had paralleled and enhanced this beautiful motion. The graphics on the screen were moving like a human by reacting so perfectly. Perhaps, to create a satisfying interface, the system should be as receptive and reactive as possible. The flow of the system must reflect or enhance the flow of the user. We must create a playground for adults, just like in this video.

In the following video, both humans and robots work together to create captivating motion. I was shown this in my human-robot interaction class.


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